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We import and continue to distribute goods to our partners. Our distribution warehouses and refrigerated chambers are able to adequately store even the most demanding goods. With our own vehicles, we are able to carry out all distribution within Croatia. Maintaining the quality and safety of food, in order to deliver a top quality product to our customers, is our priority. Our customers are hotels, shops, restaurants and bars.


We only purchase quality goods that have a good quality-price ratio.

This is our assortment:

- Meat and meat products

- Milk and milk products

- Eggs

- Fish, shells, crabs

- Fruits and vegetables (fresh and canned) 

- Oil, rice, pasta

- Confectionery and bakery goods

- Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

- Coffee and teas

- Pastry products

- Toys, Souvenirs, Textiles

- Jewelry

- Hygiene goods (toilet paper, bags, foils for catering, shampoos, cleaning agents...)


As general representatives of many brands, we have a lot of experience over the years of our work. We know our market and customers and know how to plan the exact needs of the quantity of goods in advance, at least one year in advance. For your goods, we have secured placement on the Croatian market and we assume the entire risk of sales  and distribution. We are interested in long-term partnership and cooperation.

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